Chip Card Devices: How They Work

Elavon offers a wide array of compact terminals that process transactions easily and securely at the point-of-sale. As chip cards continue to be widely circulated throughout the marketplace, being able to process EMV transactions allows your business provide greater security for your customers Our devices can accept a wide array of payment options, including:  chip cards, traditional magnetic stripe cards, loyalty and gift cards, and contactless options including mobile wallets.

Featuring the latest line of terminals from Ingenico and Verifone, Elavon provides customers with various options to fit your business needs.

Countertop Terminals

Countertop terminals have a compact, ergonomic design that takes up very little counter space. These all-in-one solutions run on IP connectivity for quick transaction and batch processing. Backlit screens and keypads provide a seamless user experience.

Ingenico terminal                              Verifone terminal  

Wireless Terminals

Download the Terminal Brochure Guide to learn more about EMV’s continuing impact in the payments world and to choose the POS device most suitable for your business needs.

Ingenico Terminal               Verifone terminal

If your terminal is ready to download the EMV application, then these instructions will help you with the process.

Ingenico Download Instructions 

Verifone Download Instructions

Begin Accepting the Chip!

These videos show how simple it is to process EMV transactions on your point-of-sale.

Chip card video           Chip card video

Simplify the Process

Our terminal Quick Install Guides and Quick Tip Guides guide you through device setup as well as provide step-by-step instructions to begin processing payments quickly and easily.

Quick Install Guides

Quick Tip Guides

Do You Want Chips
with That?

EMV Chip Card at table



PIN Debit/Tip Adjust Has Arrived!

VeriFone PIN Debit

Ingenico PIN Debit