Converge Mobile

Now you can take payments anywhere your business takes you – without sacrificing payment security. The Converge Mobile app works with most Apple® and Android® mobile devices and either an encrypted key pad or card reader to help keep card data safe at the point of entry and throughout the payment process. Offer your customers ultimate payment flexibility by accepting debit and credit chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless payments, including mobile wallets.

Choose the device that best supports your business needs:  


Ingenico iCMP 

Ingenico Terminal with Converge Mobile

The Ingenico iCMP offers the ability to accept PIN based transactions, including PIN acceptance for debit and chip cards, which can help protect your business from lost, stolen or NRI (never received or issued) fraud. The iCMP pairs with your smartphone or tablet when using the Converge Mobile app or connects to your computer with a USB cable when you using it with Converge and your computer.

Ingenico RP457c 

iPhone with Converge Mobile

The Ingenico RP457c is compact and portable while offering a full range of payment types, including chip cards, mag stripe and contactless payments. Simply attach the RP457c to your smartphone or tablet, and you’re ready to take payments in no time.

VirtualMerchant Mobile Users

If you are using an existing VirtualMerchant Mobile user, making the switch to Converge Mobile is easy. Simply download the Converge Mobile app on iTunes or Google Play, purchase your preferred device, and log-in with your existing VirtualMerchant Mobile credentials.